How to Check Monetization Eligibility on a Facebook Page or Profile


Facebook provides several means of making money out of the pages and profiles of the content producers, which is called monetization features. These are ad breaks, fan subscription, fight cards, and Brand integration among others. However, you cannot monetize your content right away and first, you have to satisfy the requirements of basic Facebook page or profile. This article will show you how to follow the monetary eligibility browse step by step on Facebook.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Monetization Eligibility

How to Check Your Monetization Eligibility on a Facebook Page or Profile
How to Check Your Monetization Eligibility on a Facebook Page or Profile

A Monetization Tutorial that contains checklists of eligibility requirements to be fulfilled by the Military and Overseas voters
1. Go to the Creator Studio in Facebook
To verify your monetization eligibility, you have to go to the Facebook Creator Studio first. Follow these steps:

Login to Facebook: First, you have to open the facebook website and you must also be signed to your account.
Open Creator Studio: Navigate to the Creator Studio icon, this is usually displayed on the lower part of the account’s homepage or to the left side of the screen. It is also possible to get to Facebook Creator Studio independently.
2. Next go to the Monetization Tab
Once you are in the Creator Studio, follow these steps:Once you are in the Creator Studio, follow these steps:

Go to the Monetization Tab: Monetization is found in the Creator Studio; on the left side of the same page, find Monetization and click on it.
Select the Page or Profile: If you operate several pages or profiles, choose the one that has to be checked for the conditions of monetization.
3. Review Monetization Eligibility
In the Monetization tab, you are welcome to know your page or profile’s eligibility. Facebook evaluates several factors to determine eligibility, including:Facebook evaluates several factors to determine eligibility, including:

Community Standards Compliance: Your page or profile need to have to abide by the Facebook’s community standard and policies.
Partner Monetization Policies: Make sure your content complied with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies including the genuine profile, the interaction among users and the content presented.
Content Standards: Your content shall not contain prohibited/restricted contents as recognized by Facebook.

4. Understand the Eligibility Criteria
Any application targeting FB users needs to know that the monetization tools of Facebook are offered with certain qualifying conditions. Here are some key points:Here are some key points:

Ad Breaks: Minimum 10K followers and 30K one minute watch time on videos that must be a minimum of 3 minutes in the past 60 days.
Fan Subscriptions: For institutional content, it is more than or equal to 10,000 followers and over 250 return viewers; the post has received more than 50,000 engagements and 180000 minutes watched in 60 days.
Branded Content: For the most part available to any page that is following the rules set out by Facebook and is active.
5. Act Depending on the Eligibility
Based on your eligibility status, you may need to take the following actions:Based on your eligibility status, you may need to take the following actions:

How to Check Your Monetization Eligibility on a Facebook Page or Profile
How to Check Your Monetization Eligibility on a Facebook Page or Profile

Eligible: If your page or profile is eligible, you can go through the settings of the preferred types of monetization. Some gadgets come with instructions which when followed allow the gadget to be set up and be fully functional.
Ineligible: If your page or profile is not eligible you need to study the reasons stated by the Facebook. Some of the reasons for such suspensions are as follows; They violate the set standards of the community, The accounts do not have enough followers. It is essential to take measures to remediate the obstacles and enhance this factor for better suitability.
Additional Tips
Regularly Review Policies: Althought Facebook’s policies are constant, make sure to review the Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policies for compliance from time to time.
Engage Your Audience: Continue to produce good quality and relevant content for your audience since this could have a positive of effect on the eligibility of using monetization tools.
Monitor Insights: Maneuver Facebook’s Insight to measure the performance of the page as well as to note any problem areas.
The process of knowing your eligible Facebook monetization is quite easy, and it entails only using the Creator Studio and the Monetization tab. Thus, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the existing restrictions in relation to this section since their observance opens up an opportunity to make money on a site or page on Facebook. Access and interact with your audience, and keep churning out good content to maintained and improve on your eligibility status.


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