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Houston has some of the best maritime lawyers of the nation due to the availability of large ports and the rapid maritime activity carried out here. These legal professionals mainly deal with admiralty and maritime law which is helping many people and companies dealing with marine activities. No matter the case is about, personal injuries, cargo disputes or environmental cases, a distinguished Houston maritime attorney can handle the entire maritime legal concerns.

Houston Maritime Claims Lawyer
Houston Maritime Claims Lawyer

Why a Maritime Lawyer Should Be Sought.Maritime Law is not within the general comprehension that is why it is a relevant field of study. Different from most fields of law, the body of law containing rules governing maritime trade is characterized by specific regulations and treaties. Here are some scenarios where a maritime attorney is indispensable:Here are some scenarios where a maritime attorney is indispensable:
Personal Injury Claims:Criminally injured maritime employees who are frequently at sea or in a port require legal help to recover compensation under the Jones Act or other maritime laws.

Cargo Disputes: This is an area of legal practice that commonly arises in cases where companies engage in the shipping of goods and products where there is a dispute as to where the goods are located or in what condition they arrived.
Environmental Incidents: Marine pollution including oil spills, can open up several legal issues that only maritime lawyers should handle.
Top Houston Maritime Attorneys
Here are some of the best maritime attorneys in Houston, known for their expertise and successful track records:Here are some of the best maritime attorneys in Houston, known for their expertise and successful track records:
1. Arnold & Itkin LLPArguably, Arnold & Itkin LLP is well-known in practicing maritime law whereby this law firm has distinguishing proficiency in managing cases with regards to major injuries and death occurrences. The firm has obtained verdicts and settlements worth billions of dollars for the clients, which has established its reputation as maritime powerhouse.
Specialties: There, concerning: personal injuries, wrongful death, Jones Act claims, offshore injuries
Notable Achievements: Maritime injury cases now seem to get record-breaking settlement amounts
2. Krist Law Firm, P. C.The Krist Law Firm, P. C. is another law firm that deals with maritime laws in Houston. Established law firm that has been practicing maritime law for over three decades; they can handle Maritime injury, Commercial voyage, and International ship lease among other cases. Due to the exemplary services and their professional representation of their clients as well as their thoroughly understanding of the provisions in the maritime law they have been recommended.

Specialties: Torts, commercial law of shipping, oil rigs and rigs accidents.Notable Achievements: There are several instances where the firm has paid out more than a few million dollars in the same lawsuit.

3. Zehl & Associates, PC

Zehl & Associates, PC is perhaps one of the most energized law firms that focuses on defending maritime employees and their families. The certified trial court specialists showed that they are capable of securing much-needed money for clients through hefty settlements and verdicts.


Maritime and personal injury, death, oil rig incidents
Notable Achievements: Many millions of dollars – often in quite large numbers – have been awarded or agreed by jury and/or plaintiffs.
How to select the appropriate Maritime Lawyer
When selecting a maritime attorney, consider the following factors:When selecting a maritime attorney, consider the following factors:
Experience: The best attorneys should have experience in maritime law. This is important because it shows that the lawyer or law firm you are planning to hire has dealt with other cases, which are similar to the one that you are building.
Reputation: Check how other people in the maritime industry regard the attorney. Information about their credibility and efficiency can be gained from reviews and feedbacks.
Specialization: Make sure that the attorney deals with maritime law and understands the issues that relate to the case.

Houston Maritime Claims Lawyer
Houston Maritime Claims Lawyer


Select an attorney who is articulate and updates you on the matter’s progress from onset to completion.

ConclusionHouston has a great number of maritime attorneys who, in turn, serve the needs of the city’s maritime community by offering legal services. No matter whether you have a motor vehicle accident claim, or Toxic tort and Class action lawsuits or business litigation, these eminent Maritime lawyers are prepared to assist you. Using the services of a qualified legal practitioner helps to uphold your rights and in dealing with the case, professionalism is guaranteed.

To gain more details or to seek legal assistance from one of the best maritime lawyers in Houston, there is more information on their websites or you can reach them through their offices.

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