Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Marketing

6 Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Marketing

WhatsApp marketing might prove to be the trump card if businesses are looking to communicate with their target audience directly. Here are six creative ways by which businesspeople can leverage WhatsApp for their marketing efforts:


1. Customer Support and Service
Make customer service realities with WhatsApp. Create a separate business account that is in charge of product support, whereby customers can message you for their queries. This gives you the freedom to respond quickly and personalize everything for better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Set automated greetings and away messages.
Make use of the “quick replies” feature for quick responses to frequent questions.
Be able to offer support in multiple languages if the base of customers communicates in diverse languages.
2. Broadcast Lists for Targeted Messaging
WhatsApp’s feature of a broadcast list means that a single message can be sent to several contacts. This keeps them from being placed in the same group, perfect for sending out personalized offers, updates, and announcements to your segmented lists of customers.

Segment your audience by their interests or their purchase history.
Ensure contacts save you so that broadcast messages are received.
The personalization of the messages makes them feel special or uniquely meant for them.
3. Run Promotional Campaigns
Run special promotions and discounts exclusively for your WhatsApp contacts by offering flash sales. It may create a feeling of being special, and also a type of urgency will drag more engagement and sales.


Rich media such as images and videos should be used to make the promotion attractive.
Clearly specify the calls to action to get immediate responses.
Track whether the campaigns are effective to improvise further strategies.
4. Content Marketing
Share valuable content to your audience through WhatsApp. This would share information like blog posts, how-to guides, videos, or infographics that would be relevant to the interests of the audience.

Create engaging and visually attractive content.
Use WhatsApp Status to share updates and content that disappears after 24 hours.
Encourage the users to share your content with their contacts to increase reach.
5. Customer Feedback and Surveys
Gather customer feedback and conduct customer surveys with the help of WhatsApp to understand customer preferences/satisfaction, which further helps you enhance your products/services on the go.

Surveys are short and toward the point.
Offer some kind of incentive to complete the survey.
Use the feedback to drive data-backed decisions.
6. Event and Update Promotions
Promote events, webinars, and live sessions using WhatsApp. Ensure reminders, updates, and key pieces of information have maximum participation and engagement.

Create groups or broadcast lists specific to the event.
Share multimedia content like schedules, bios, and promotional videos of the event.
Engage participants with polls and other interactive content during the event.
WhatsApp is an optimum platform for both Direct Response and Engaged Marketing. Using these creative strategies can help increase customer engagement, drive sales, and build a loyal community around a brand. Be sure to always respect WhatsApp policies in your marketing and respect the privacy of users.

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